We Buy Antique Colt Firearms

Kentucky Rifles. Flintlock, Cap & Ball & Muzzle-loading Rifles, Muskets,
and Pistols. Powder Horns, Tomahawks, Fur & Indian Trade Weapons and Artifacts.

We buy, sell, authenticate and appraise original Kentucky, Flintlock, Cap & Ball, Percussion and Muzzle Loading Long Rifles, Muskets, Pistols and Accessories.


We buy and sell Antique Guns, Civil War Guns and Swords, Colt Pistols and Revolvers, Kentucky Long Rifles, Henry Rifles, Confederate Flags, Uniforms, Medals, Drums, etc.

Single Items or Entire Collections

We buy, sell and have knowledge of obsolete antique guns manufactured before 1899. We do not buy or sell any type of modern guns such as shotguns, bolt-action rifles or semi-automatic pistols or any weapons manufactured after 1899.

How to Identify, Authenticate and Possibly Sell an Item?

Easy; We need a name, phone number, and sharp digital photographs via email or regular mail.

Send to: mail@historicalarms.net

Michael Simens will personally respond by phone or email to most inquiries.

A transaction can often be completed within 48 hours or less, safely and conveniently. A few samples of the types of photos we need can be seen below:


If you have further questions or requests about the policies above, please feel free to contact Michael Simens personally from 11am to 7pm eastern time at 216-541-4111.

To learn more about Michael Simens and the types of items that we buy and sell, you can visit our home page by clicking HOME

NOTE: The items on this website are antique collectibles manufactured prior to 1899
and are considered "obsolete" and "antiques" by the United States Government.
Please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" page for further information.