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Colt Revolver, Pistol, Rifle and Accessories Dealer, Buyer and Seller. Antique Colts made 1836 - 1899 only. We offer Appraisal, Authentication and Consignment Services to Antique Colt owners and collectors.

Antique Colt Firearms venue featuring Dragoon, Army, Navy, Paterson, Walker, Pocket, Conversion, Single Action and Double Action Revolvers, Revolving Rifles, Military Weapons and Accessories. We buy single items or entire collections.

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Michael Simens is networked internationally to bring Antique Colt Revolvers, Firearms and Accessories to Colt Collectors in all price ranges. We buy and sell all models of Antique Colt Percussion, Conversion and Cartridge Revolvers as well as powder flasks, bullet molds, cartridges and cased sets. We also appraise, identify and authenticate all models of Antique Colts. We have bought and sold some of the most Historical American Artifacts ever discovered to include items carried, owned and/or associated with Generals Custer, Meade, Hardee, and Hampton, as well as Presidents Washington, Jackson and Lincoln. 
Michael is a past or current member of The Colt Collectors Association, Mid-America Antique Arms Society, Collector Arms Dealers Association, Civil War Dealers and Collectors Association, Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association, and was the first out-of-state resident to be voted to the board of directors of the Texas Gun Collectors Association. He is a recognized authority on Colt Percussion Arms and was chosen by the T.G.C.A. to be a member of their expert review board to examine, authenticate and approve the participation of each Walker Revolver in the 2004 "Parade of Walkers" display at the T.G.C.A. show in Houston, Texas. His impressive list of clients include The West Point Museum, The Frazier Historical Arms Museum, The Texas Civil War Museum, The Strawbery Banke Museum and other Institutions to name but a few. paterson
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Michael's Philosophy, "I am a fellow collector with a 35 year love of Antique Colt Firearms and Accessories and am more interested in acquiring new customers who share these interests than in making a sale. I try to make certain that every customer (buyer or seller) be dealt with fairly and with complete satisfaction in every transaction". Michael has been acknowleded by the authors of several major works on Collector Arms to include "The Henry Rifle" by Les Quick, "Civil War Swords" by John Thilmann and many Colts in his personal collection grace the pages of "The Book of Colt Engraving", by R. L. Wilson. Whether you're looking to sell your single Colt or entire Collection or Estate of Antique Firearms and Artifacts, consider contacting us for the best results. No collection is too big or too small for our purchase consideration.


NOTE: The items on this website are antique Colt collectibles manufactured prior to 1899 and are considered "obsolete" and "antiques" by the United States Government. Please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" page for further information.

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Paterson, Walker and Dragoon Revolvers Pocket and Baby Dragoon Revolvers 1851 and 1861 Navy Revolvers 1860 Army Revolvers
Police and Pocket-Navy Revolvers

This Month's Featured Items:

  1. Colt 1860 Army Revolver, Civil War Presentation Inscribed


Single Action and Double Action Revolvers

Colt Revolving Rifles, Carbines and other Colt Long Arms


Cased, Engraved and Presentation Colt Revolvers

Other Models of Colt Revolvers, Pistols and Derringers Colt Accessories, Cases, Powder Flasks, Bullet Molds, Skin Packs,Cartridges and Documents

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